Where does Wabi source its Wabi-branded products?

Wabi sources all of our branded products directly from well-regarded manufacturers or suppliers in Taiwan, a country know for high quality bike components. Some items, like frames and wheelsets, are designed specifically for us based on proprietary designs. Other items are unbranded versions of existing products that come from well-know brands, such as Tektro or Andel, or suppliers that also make products for other well-regarded brands (as most contract with suppliers versus make their own). In all of these cases, the Wabi branded items are good midrange quality that fits the needs of most riders. Of course, we also offer upgrades for those that want a higher performance option.

In many instances, our products may also be unique in the marketplace and not found at retail - especially without logos or in certain configurations. For example, you'd be hard pressed to find a simple unbranded honey road saddle or a 26mm polished compact road bar. You are also getting a good value as we can offer them a reasonable price given there is no middle man distributor for markups.

One last item and it is political: Sourcing from Taiwan is important as they are an exemplary democracy that has a strong human rights record and fair labor practices. They are also under constant threat from China and supporting them financially gives them an opportunity to thwart that threat.

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