Which cranksets are compatible with Wabi framesets?

Classic and Thunder

Update: Classics were updated in Spring 2023 with a new chainstay design. These frames can now accommodate all track cranksets. Older Classics will only fit as listed below.

The Classic and Thunder will only accommodate cranksets with wider Q-factors (145mm or higher) and will not accommodate narrower ‘track’ cranksets with a narrow Q factors or limited clearance for crank spider arms. These frames were never intended to be track frames with narrower chain stays (and tires).

Wider Q-factor cranksets include most brands of cranksets built around a JIS square taper bottom bracket such as Andel, All-City, Vuelta, etc. It also includes the SRAM S-300. Note that the SRAM Omnium is 145mm, but we’ve had complaints of the crank arm glancing the chain stays in rare instances so we can’t recommend this crankset for this frame.

Narrower Q-factor cranksets that are not compatible include Sugino 75, Dura Ace 7710, Miche Primato Advanced Track, Vision Track Crankset and the Campagnolo Record Pista.

Note, that for some narrower cranksets, you could install a longer BB spindle (with square tapers) and/or use shorter crankarms (165mm) to provide a wider Q-factor to clear the chain stays. However, you will most likely throw the chainline quite a bit to make it work.

Special and Lightning

The Special and Lightning will accommodate all track cranksets. We’ve tested and installed the SRAM Omnium, the Dura Ace 7710, the Sugino 75DD and the Campagnolo Record Pista.

What is Q-Factor? If you don't know, Q-factor is the horizontal distance from the outside of the crankarms at the centerline of the pedal insertion points. For track cranksets and bikes, Q-factors are very narrow to minimize the width of the rider's legs and feet for aerodynamic purposes. Many of these track cranksets have Q-factors between 131mm and 138mm.

Apr 22, 2023

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