Do you ship to Canada? What are the costs?

We sure do. We get a lot of Canadian requests so we created a separate topic.

For shipping costs, you can anticipate a complete bike to cost $125USD via Fedex Ground. Frames, wheels and components will vary. You can select your products on our store and then go to the shipping cost section of checkout to see your options.

For duties, Canada should charge 13% for complete bicycles, 5% for framesets, 6.5% for wheels and 0% for other parts. This doesn't include the other taxes (GST,HST, etc.) that vary by province. In addition, FedEx charges a "brokerage fee" of about $75 for delivering goods via FedEx Ground. It is a quirk in the customs law with Canada and the US.

There are also regional taxes that will vary by region. Please consult your local ordinances.

Some customers have opted for shipping complete bikes to a U.S. border location for a flat $40 shipping fee. UPS stores at border locations are a good option and will promote this service. Customers can then choose how they want to handle taxes and duties.

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