Which upgrades do you offer? What about upgrade packages?

Wabis are a great stock build, but we know some folks want to some upgrade the bike to suit their particular style or type of riding. Below are some of the common upgrades that we offer on our build--usually at a savings of 15-35% MSRP as an upgrade. There is no additional charge for adding upgrades or customizing. It is all part of the product costs. Also, check out our upgrade packages below. Looking for something else? Just contact support@wabicycles.com and we can create a custom build.

NOTE: Some items that are shown as unavailable in our store as components are available as upgrades as we set aside inventory specifically for builds.


  • Wabi Sub 15 - Our ultra lightweight option for those looking for a performance boost (or an all-silver or all-black wheel). Find details here.
  • ***H+Son Archetype rims andDT Swiss Track hubs*  - A high-quality wheelset that combines strength, stiffness and lightweight. Find details here.
  • A23 Velocity Rims and Origin8 Hubs - A tubeless compatible wheelset for our Thunder builds featuring black Velocity A23 rims, silver 32h Origin8 track hubs and silver DT Swiss spokes. This wheelset is not sold separately.


  • Sugino RD2 - The legendary Japanese manufacturer's track set. Comes in silver crank and chain ring (popular for silver component builds). See details here.
  • SRAM S-300 - A great track/courier combo with a GXP bottom bracket. Comes in black.See details here.
  • Miche Advanced Primato - A high quality crankset from the Italian manufacturer that won't break the bank. 48t disc chainring. Comes in silver or black.
  • Miche Pistard 2.0 - A high quality track crankset with a 48t disc chainring. Comes in silver or black.
  • Sugino 75 - The highest-quality NJS track crank arm for the serious rider. Available in black. Sugino BBs and chainrings are also available.

Brake Calipers

  • SRAM Force - Lighter weight and improved stopping performance. Comes in gray. See details here.
  • SRAM Red - SRAM's top of the line option for weight and performance. Comes in black and silver. See details here.
  • Paul Component Racer Medium - High-quality center pull brake that comes in black and polished.


  • Panaracer Pasela Protite - A great road/commuting tire with low tread combined with great flat protection. Plus, tan sidewall options. See details here.
  • Continental Gatorskins - A slick road tire with great flat protection. See details here.
  • Continental Grand Prix 4 Season - A slick road tire designed to run well on wet/dry and hot/cold conditions. See details here.
  • Continental Grand Prix 5000 - Continental's top of the line road performance tire.See details here.
  • Panaracer GravelKing Slicks - Great option for those looking for a fast rolling larger width tire. See details here.
  • Panaracer GravelKing SKs - Great option for those looking for a CX/gravel tire that rolls fast but holds and corners well.


  • Brooks C17 - A synthetic all-weather option of Brooks legendary fit. See details here.
  • Brooks B17 - A classic touring option for what you'd expect from Brooks. See details here.
  • Fizik Aliante R3 - A high-quality riding saddle that balances weight and performance.
  • Fizik Antares R3 - A high-quality racing saddle geared toward the high performance rider.

You can also upgrade the chain, bar tape, handlebars and more.

We also offer upgrade packages to make bring together the best options as well as offer extra savings--up to 55% off MSRP. Let us know if you are interested.
NOTE: Due to component shortages, we may not be able to offer these all options and prices may change.

Pro I
A great option for a few performance upgrades as well as some aesthetic appeal.

  • Sub 15 Ultra Lightweight Wheelset. Choose silver or black.
  • Sugino RD2 Crankset. Silver crank and 48t chainring only.
  • Panaracer Pasela Protite Tires. 28mm. Extra performance and puncture protection. Black or tan sidewalls (tan if honey or brown saddle/bar tape selected).
  • Deluxe Freewheel. 18t of 19t.

Pro II
Take your performance up a notch with our most popular upgrade package.

  • Sub 15 Ultra Lightweight Wheelset. Choose silver or black.
  • SRAM S300 Crankset. Black crank and chain ring. 48t only.
  • SRAM Force Brake Calipers. Gray.
  • Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tires. 28mm.
  • Deluxe Freewheel. 18t of 19t
Sep 19, 2020