What are the fender options for Wabis?

Wabis can accept different options for fenders depending on the model.


The Classic can accept some limited options of full coverage bolt-on fenders (with modifications) along with strap/clip-on fenders.

Bolt-on full coverage fenders

The Classic has eyelets on the inside of the front fork and at the rear dropout that can accept bolt-on type fenders as well as a chain stay bridge that can accept a bolt. However, the configuration of those eyelets as well as the limited space at the top of the forks usually requires some modifications and/or additional hardware.

For fender sizes, we recommend the fenders that are 37mm or narrower along with a maximum width of 28mm tires to ensure proper clearances below the brake calipers and between the stays. Some options include the SKS P35, the Portland Design Works Full Metal Road Plus, Velo Orange Smooth Fenders and the Planet Bike Cascadia fenders. For 32mm tires, you may be able to make 42mm wide fenders work, but the clearances are very tight. Some options include the SKS B42 Commuter II and Axiom RoadRunners.

For the front fender, there is limited clearance between the brake bolt and the bottom of the headset that can be challenging for attaching the standard clip to the bolt. We recommend one of three options:

  1. Install Sheldon fender nuts (and a 6mm mounting bolt) on the brake bolt to provide extra clearance from the headset. This will allow clearance for most standard fenders clips.
  2. Cut down the clip so it fits under the headset. This works well though there is a small risk of the clip slipping out.
  3. For the Velo Orange Smooth fenders, you can install a fork crown daruma that allows mounting through the fender.

For the rear fender, the rear eyelets at the dropouts are slightly recessed so some people may add spacers for the mounting bolt or opt for an adapter such as the Axiom Axle Runner that connects to the wheel bolts to provide an additional set of eyelets. In addition, the narrow width at the eyelet at the chain stay bridge may require squeezing the fender or making small modifications.

Strap/Clip-on Fenders

The Classic can accept strap/clip-on fenders as long as they have a narrow profile. We recommend fenders that are 35mm or less in width (actual width).

Some options include SKS Raceblade Pro / Pro XL or Planet Bike Speedz.

Special and Lightning

Both models typically require strap/clip-on type fenders given they have no eyelets on the frames or chain stay bridges. We recommend a narrow profile fenders (35mm for Special and 30mm width for the Lightning) that fit through the fork, seat stays and chain stays. Some options include SKS Raceblade Pro or Planet Bike Speedz.

Thunder and Urban Classic

These models are ideal for those looking for fender options. Both models have eyelets on the front fork and rear dropouts that can accept most bolt-on type fenders. The wider fork, seat stays and chain stays also means that they can accept a variety of widths to accommodate the wider tires on these models. The only thing to keep in mind is that the seat stay bridge has a vertical eyelet vs. horizontal so you may need to either forgo that attachment for some fenders, drill a hole through the fender and use an mounting bolt or find an adapter for standard brackets.

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