How do I determine my frame size?

The best way to determine your frame sizing is to review our sizing chart on our sizing page. Before you start, please note that your Wabi sizing may be a size smaller than your other bikes given our geometry.

While the height range is important, the standover height is just as important. To determine your clearance for standover, measure your accurate inseam as described here. Don't use your pants or jeans inseam as that's not an accurate way for bike sizing.

Once you determine your accurate inseam, you should have 1/2 and 1 inch clearance between your accurate inseam and the standover height on the chart for comfort.

If it is still unclear on your sizing or if you want an even more accurate fit, please use this fit calculator and then send us the results. We can then look at a few other measurements to verify your sizing as well as ensure your saddle height and stem length.

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