Can I get custom colors on the frames? How do I specify a custom color?

Yes, we offer powder coat custom colors on our Classic, Special and Thunder frames. We are unable to do custom colors on the Lightning due to the carbon fork. Powder coat cannot be applied to carbon.

Powder coat finishes are good quality durable finishes that come in a wide range of colors, effects and finish types. They are typically single coat finishes, however there are special two coat finishes (with an additional clear coat) for those looking for more depth to the finish.

Custom color upgrades typically start at $250 (though may start lower at certain times) and are based on which color/finish is chosen. Our powder coating is done by one of the top powder coating shops in Colorado, which also does OEM powder coating for several premium bike brands. 

Looking for a raw steel frame? We don't offer that option. See our help topic here for more info.

IMPORTANT: Powder coating is a process where a multi-colored powder is electrostatically sprayed onto the frame and then baked to a hard, durable finish. The nature of the powder coating process means that there can be minor imperfections in the surface including tiny black specks and small surface irregularities (very small divets or bumps). The finish will not be as 'clean' as a traditional wet paint and clear coat process like our stock frames. These imperfections are usually not noticeable unless pointed out and will be considered within the standard of what we offer. Just be aware when ordering. If there are significant issues, we will most likely reshoot the frame if need be or offer a small discount.

Ordering a Custom Color

We recommend purchasing an existing color option / size and then contacting us after the purchase to upgrade to a custom color.

Choosing a Color

Our powder coat supplier, Prismatic Powders, offers hundreds of options in colors, finishes and metallic effects--so it can be overwhelming. However, it also allows you to choose just the right color and finish for you.

Follow the guidelines and steps below to choose and specify a custom color. It can get

1. Visit the Prismatic Powders website HERE.

2. Choose the color that you'd like to start with at the top of the page (under the search bar).

3. We highly recommend choosing either a solid tone or metallic from the menu on the left. We only recommend these paint types as the other options have either textured finishes or inconsistent results for bicycle painting.

4. If desired, choose the gloss level on the left menu. You can choose from a wide range of options. We typically recommend semi-gloss, gloss or high gloss finishes for better maintenance and UV stability, however we can do any of the gloss levels.

5. Review the color options and make a decision. There a few important things we recommend for your final decision:
- Review any photos on the color page if they are available. This can help you see real-life use of that color.
- Order a swatch to be sure you are getting the right color. They are free (except shipping) and take 1-2 days for delivery. That ensures that you can see exactly the color, gloss and finish. The order option is available in the top left hand corner of the color you've selected.
- Look at the price per pound for that particular color. If it is under $12/pound, then it will be $250 upgrade. Colors above that price will need to be quoted (but expect an extra $25-50 in most cases. If the color notes that it requires a top coat, the it will be an additional $75 given the second coat. This is usually for only special colors and effects.

6. Determine your color choice and note the name (i.e. "Misty Burgundy") and code (i.e. "PMB-1042). Contact us to verify the cost on the color.

We'll then invoice you the difference for that color upgrade.

Custom colors typically take an additional 2-3 weeks above our stated build time to be completed.

Contact us if you need additional help or guidance

Sep 26, 2023

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