What if I hear a squeak or creak when riding?

In certain instances, riders can hear a squeak or creak coming from the bike either initially or over time. These squeaks can be hard to tell where they come from as they may only be intermittent. Many times, customers think squeaks come from one part while it comes from another.

Here are our initial suggestions for finding and fixing squeaks.

Drivetrain Squeaks

This is usually the main culprit - especially if the sounds comes soon after purchase. Pedals can squeak if not properly installed. We recommend checking to make sure the pedals were installed correctly. This includes properly threaded, greased and torqued down tightly. Specifically, make sure the pedals are tightened to a high level of torque - 30Nm+. This is basically tightened as much as you can with standard tools. After being reinstalled or rechecked, ride again to see if this fixes the problem.

Chainring Bolts
Chainring bolts can become loose initially or over time. This will allow the chainring to slightly flex which can cause a squeak. Double check that all of the bolts are tightened down. You will need a 5mm hex wrench and may need a chain ring bolt tool (or screwdriver) in some cases if it is loose.

If the bike is older, the chains can squeak. Just makes sure the chain is cleaned and properly lubricated.

Bottom Bracket/Crank Arms
While some people believe squeaks are bottom bracket issues, that is actually quite rare. If you try the other steps and don't fix the issue, you can test to see if the bottom bracket is loose. Grab each crank arm and then try to move them back and forth at different rotations/positions. If you feel "play" (movement of the crank arm at the BB) then the BB may be loose or the crank fixing bolts. You can retighten both to see if that fixes the issue. Given they require some special tools, we recommend taking it to a bike shop.

Other Squeaks

Seat post/Saddle
A loose and/or dry seat post or saddle can cause creaks/squeaks. Double check that the seat post and seat post tube are properly greased and that the seat post binder bolt is properly torqued. Same with the saddle clamp bolt.

This squeak is common when putting weight on the bars and/or steering the bikes. You can check it by standing over the bike and pushing down and lmoving the handlebars. Check to make sure the stem bolts are properly clamped to the handlebars. This includes making sure the bolts are evenly clamped so the spacing of the face plate is the same at the top and bottom.

Similar to handlebars, You can check this by standing over the bike and pushing down on the bars. Just make sure you determine if the sound is coming from the bars or headset. If it does squeak or creak, the headset bearing should be cleaned and re-greased. This is a relatively simple job at home or for a shop.

If one of these things doesn't fix it, contact us for more troubleshooting.

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