How do I specify a custom color?

Our custom colors are powder coat finishes, which provide a high-quality durable finish in a wide variety of options. Our supplier, Prismatic Powders, offers hundreds of options in colors, finishes and metallic effects--so it can be overwhelming. However, it also allows you to choose just the right color for you. 

Follow the guidelines and steps below to choose and specify a custom color:

1. Visit the Prismatic Powders website HERE.

2. Choose the color that you'd like to start with at the top of the page (under the search bar).

3. Choose either solid tone or metallic from the menu on the left. We only recommend these paint types as the other options have either textured finishes or inconsistent results for bicycle painting.

4. If desired, choose the gloss level on the left menu. You can choose from a wide range of options. We typically recommend semi-gloss, gloss or high gloss finishes for better maintenance and UV stability, however we can do any of the gloss levels.

5. Review the color options and make a decision. There a few important things we recommend for your final decision:

- Review any photos on the color page if they are available. This can help you see real-life use of that color.

- Order a swatch to be sure you are getting the right color. They are free (except shipping) and take 1-2 days for delivery. That ensures that you can see exactly the color, gloss and finish. The order option is available in the top left hand corner of the color you've selected.

- IMPORTANT: You can only choose a single coat finish for the standard $250 upgrade. Some finishes are two-coat (for example, any "Illusion" finish) and they mention the need for an additional clear coat in the product description. These finishes require an additional $75 charge. This can be done after the purchase if needed.

5. Determine your color choice and note the name (i.e. "Misty Burgundy") and code (i.e. "PMB-1042). Enter the name and code on the checkout comments on your order.

Contact us if you need additional help or guidance.

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